Simplify, Streamline, accelerate

Show your customers how much you love them. Control all aspects of your business. No expensive, separate licenses or per-ticket fees: single monthly subscription - use only the modules you need.

Venue Management

Model your venue. Define your own seating types. Draw complex seating maps quickly. Define and manage rental of venue spaces.


Define flexible pricing & booking profiles. Define discount & prepaid vouchers. Define optional extras such as donations. Manage comps, holds & door sales. Guest checkout to make buying a ticket easier for customers. Sell as many tickets you like without paying inside fees.

EVENT Management

Create events and performances in minutes. Define single or recurring performances with flexible scheduler. Define courses and workshops and manage registrations. Ticket Taker for scanning individual or groups of tickets.

Content management

Powerful templating system and media gallery lets you build beautiful and engaging websites.


Performers and crew profile system automatically builds a portfolio and gallery of work. Membership system which can automatically manage renewal and voucher allocation. Internal messaging system for your staff.


Define merchandise for sale at your venue. Full shopping cart and invoice functions. Partition everything you sell into different accounts. Define taxes and commissions.

Reports & Kanbans

Powerful reporting engine allows the definition of tailored reports. Live-updating Kanban widgets let you beautifully present all the data in your system from hourly sales to the % of patrons scanned for a performance.


Manage users and permissions. Track how customers are engaging with your site. Powerful security system to block unwanted IP addresses. Visualise where your traffic is coming from on a map.